The Advanced features in Quickbooks Software are designed to manage all the financial operations of the business effectively. the software comes with various useful features which include inventory management, payroll, invoices, etc. the Quickbooks Software is designed specifically for small and medium-sized business to effectively manage their businesses. After Quickbooks Was introduced, intuit have provided various updates to enhance the usability of Quickbooks Software. the software updates are provided to improve the performance of the software. However, while installing these updates, Sometimes you might get Quickbooks Update error 1328. it can occur due to various reasons. If you have encountered this issue while working on Quickbooks Software then you can follow the methods mentioned below to resolve this error.QUickbooks Error 1328

In order to improve the performance and functioning of the software, it is a must to keep your software updated. the QB error code 1328 can create issues while updating the Quickbooks Software. Hence, you need to troubleshoot these errors. Below you will find some of the best troubleshooting methods to resolve this error along with the reasons that lead to this issue.

What is Quickbooks Error 1328?

While updating or installing the Quickbooks Softwaer, the Quickbooks error 1328 message will be displayed on the screen. the path of this error will be always C:/config.MSI. 

As discussed above the Config.MSI folder will be the path for this error. this folder is used as a repository folder to store the installation file temporarily. If there will be any kind of issue then it can be rolled back to successfully install the Quickbooks Software. In the general case, after the successful installation of Quickbooks Software, the data from this folder gets deleted automatically. but if the files will not ger deleted from this folder then it can cause Quickbooks error 1328 while updating or installing the Quickbooks update. Hence, You can either contact experts or you can resolve this error manually. We have listed below some of the Quick methods that can be used to resolve this error. 

Whats are the reasons for Quickbooks Update Error 1328?

Below we have mentioned the reasons that lead to this error. you need to have a look at these causes to better understand the reasons that lead to this error. QB error code 1328

  • while downloading the Quickbooks software, you might encounter the Quickbooks error 1328.
  • Due to a damaged Quickbooks component file, the Quickbooks error can occur.
  • Network connection or server issues while downloading Quickbooks Software can lead to this error.
  • You can encounter the Quickbooks error due to incorrect settings of your computer.
  • Any issue while installing the Quickbooks Software can affect this error.
  • while installing Quickbooks Softwaer, incorrect entries in the windows registry folder can lead to this issue.
  • Anti-malware or security software can block the Quickbooks Software to connect with the server while updating Quickbooks Software.
  • Due to power failure or any other issues, the crashing of your device while updating Quickbooks can also cause this error.

Simple Ways to Solve the Quickbooks Error 1328

The methods mentioned below are tested by our experts. The Quickbooks Error 1328 occurs due to some installation issues that need to be troubleshot Quickly. Follow the methods mentioned below properly in order to resolve the error.

Sol: 1 Change file name of Config.MSI

  • Close the Quickbooks Software and all the program in your device.
  • Now press the Windows+E key to open the windows explorer to open the folder where the Config.MSI folder is stored.
  • Open the C:\drive and then open the folder options to show the hidden files.
  • Open the View tab and then mark the show hidden files and folders.
  • Click on Apply and OK to make the changes effective.
  • Now open the folder options again and go to the view tab to show the protected operating system files.
  • Unmark the “Hide Protected operating system files” option and then choose the apply and ok option to save the changes.Quickbooks Error
  • now locate the config.MSI file and right-click on it.
  • choose the rename option and then add “old” at the end of the file.
  • Click on ok and then repeat the above steps to hide the protected operating system files again.

Sol: 2 Configure Windows Registry Entries

  • Download a windows registry repair tool to fix the issues in the windows registry folder.
  • Run an anti-malware scan on your device to remove all the malicious files.
  • after running the scan delete all the spam files and then update the desktop and drives of the device.
  • after this, you need to re-install the Quickbooks Software and check for any windows updates if available.
  • Update the Quickbooks Software and windows to the latest to release to make it configure easily.

So these are some of the Quick ways that can be used to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 1328. However, while accessing the Quickbooks Softwaer, if you have encountered Quickbooks error 12002 then you can configure the network connection to troubleshoot this error. You can also contact the experts at Quickbooks if you need any kind of assistance.

Methods to fix Quickbooks Update Error 1328