If while working on Quickbooks, If you have encountered Quickbooks Error 12002 then it can be because of various reasons. Quickbooks Software is one of the best accounting software that is enriched with various premium features that allow its users to easily manage all the financial operations of the business easily. however, there are several instances, where you might get some errors due to some technical glitches. the Quickbooks Error 12002 is one such error that can occur due to network issues or poor internet connectivity. 

Apart from this, Quickbooks Error 12002 can also occur due to several other reasons. Hence, if you have got the Quickbooks Error 12002 message on your screen while working on Quickbooks then you need to learn about the causes that can lead to this Quickbooks Error. In this blog, we will help you in understanding the causes of this error along with some quick troubleshooting methods that can be used to resolve this Quickbooks Error. Quickbooks error 12002

What is Quickbooks Error 12002?

As mentioned above, the Quickbooks error 12002 can occur due to server issues in the Quickbooks Software. while updating the Quickbooks software, you might get the QB error code 12002 on the screen. After going through all the aspects that can cause this error our experts have prepared a list of all the causes that can lead to this error. Knowing about the reasons will help you in troubleshooting the error. 

Reasons Behind the Quickbooks Error 12002

Apart from the poor internet connection and network issues, these are some of the reasons that can lead to this Quickbooks Error. Make sure to learn about these errors to avoid this Quickbooks error in the future.

  • the Quickbooks software can release the QB error code 12002 due to server timeout or issue in the internet server.
  • Incorrect SSL settings can lead to the Quickbooks error code 12002.
  • you can also get this Quickbooks error due to security software or anti-malware programs.
  • Not setting internet explorer as your default browser.

Points to Follow before troubleshooting the Quickbooks error 12002

In order to troubleshoot this Quickbooks error properly, you need to make sure to update your Quickbooks Software to the latest release and create a backup of your Quickbooks Company file to avoid any data loss.

Point: 1 Quickbooks Backup

While troubleshooting the Quickbooks error, there could be any kind of failure that can lead to data loss in the Quickbooks Software. you can avoid this loss by creating a backup of the company file. In any case, you can retrieve these files to restore all the information and data.

  • Go to Quickbooks Software and Click Create a backup file from the File menu.
  • now choose to create a local backup file here option and then provide the location to save the backup file.
  • after this, complete the process as prompted to create the backup file.

Point: 2 Update Quickbooks Quickbooks error

Sometimes, you can also encounter these kinds of Quickbooks Error if you are using an outdated Quickbooks version. Hence, you need to update your Quickbooks Software to the latest release in order to fix this error quickly.

  • Open the Quickbooks Software by double-click on the icon on the desktop.
  • now go to the help menu and then click on the “Check for updates” option.
  • Update the software if there is any update for Quickbooks.

Ways to Fix QB Error Code 12002

Sol: 1 Update Internet Settings

  • Close the Quickbooks Software and all the programs on your device.
  • Now open the internet explorer window and then click on the gear icon at the top-right corner.
  • Choose the tool option and then click on the internet.
  • Now set the security settings options on medium-high and then open the advanced tab.
  • Here make to check whether the TLS 1.0 is marked and then 1.1 and 1.2 are unmarked.Qb error code 12002
  • Choose the apply option and then click on Ok to save the changes.

Sol: 2 Check for Google Chrome Update

If you have tried the above method but still getting the error then you can follow this process.

  • Open the Google Chrome window and then click on the more option from the top-right window.
  • Click on the google chrome update option and wait until it checks for any available update.
  • Click on the update now option to update google chrome and then follow the prompted instructions to complete the process. 
  • After installing the update, Restart your device and then re-open the Quickbooks Software again. If the Quickbooks error code 12002 still occurs then you might need some advanced troubleshooting methods.

So these are some of the Quick ways that can help you in troubleshooting this Quickbooks Error. you might encounter this Quickbooks error while working on something very important. Hence, it is advisable to avoid all the causes that can lead to this Quickbooks error

We have a team of experts who can assist you in troubleshooting this Quickbooks error. In case, you are not able to resolve this error on your own then you need to simply report your issue to the experts and then will respond to you with the best possible solution.

Troubleshooting methods to resolve Quickbooks Error 12002